Episode 292: Ilvermore

Welcome back to twice-monthly MuggleCast! Hypable writer and Hype podcast host Selina Wilken joins us on this episode — our second in May.

– Andrew is in the middle of re-reading Sorcerer’s Stone again, and he’s loving it.
– The Ilvermorny house names unintentionally appeared deep within Pottermore.
– Based on how little we know about the houses, do we like them so far?
– Why do they have to be named after animals?
– We address some criticism brought up by Io9.
– J.K. Rowling offers a fan in need an Expecto Patronum tattoo.
– New, year-specific robes are now at Hogwarts — and will appear in The Cursed Child.
– With the Harry Potter Stage Play fast approaching, we each make two predictions about what twists are in store.
– J.K. Rowling apologized for killing Remus Lupin. But should she really “apologize”?
– Make the Connection gets really weird. As usual.
– What would we each see in the Mirror of Erised?
– One of our listeners shares his concerns about Harry Potter’s timeline suddenly running out of sync with his readers in The Cursed Child. Can we relate to an overworked, middle aged employee?

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Episode 291: Laura’s Pants, Part 2

  • Welcome back Laura (who co-hosts #Millennial with Andrew)! We used to title many of our episodes after you.
  • MuggleCast is back to doing two episodes per month! HOORAY! Thanks to all of our Patrons who helped get us here.
  • We also have a new website at MuggleCast.com where it’s easier to listen to the podcast. Check it out!
  • We discuss the latest Cursed Child updates, including JK Rowling asking for no spoilers (lol)
  • Fantastic Beasts will also be published as a script book. Uhm, why?
  • Characters from the world of Harry Potter WILL be showing up in the Fantastic Beasts movie. Who do we want to see?
  • Top Ten: The Battle of Hogwarts Would Have Been Even Worse If…
  • Pen and Paper Are My Priority returns, as does Chicken Soup
  • In Bonus MuggleCast on Patreon, we’ll discuss the Battle of Hogwarts anniversary and what other books we’d like to see J.K. Rowling write in the Wizarding World.
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    Episode 290: Expelled

    • A new, and REALLY GREAT, trailer for Fantastic Beasts is here!
    • This trailer is special because, for the first time, we’re getting a sense of the magic in the new movie.
    • It turns out that Newt was expelled from Hogwarts. What does this mean for this film series?
    • J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts book says he graduated. So does he return to Hogwarts, or will the Harry Potter author be changing canon?
    • Do we like the use of Hedwig’s Theme again?
    • We ask listeners for their reactions to the trailer and talk about the fandom’s take on the new preview.
    • Top 10: Spring cleaning is so much easier for Wizards and Witches because…
    • Wizarding World Hollywood is now open. Andrew recaps the Grand Opening event.
    • The Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition is coming. It looks beautiful!
    • In Listener Feedback we address last episode’s Native American discussion.

    Bonus MuggleCast (on Patreon)

    We discuss the actual beasts in Fantastic Beasts, wand snapping, if we’re more excited for The Cursed Child or Fantastic Beasts, and a lot more.

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    Episode 289: North American Magic Deep Dive

    Serious writing from Jo calls for serious discussion — in this case, on the History of Magic in North America.

    • Why do these history lessons feel more… adult… than previous writings by J.K. Rowling?
    • How will each of these pieces relate to the Fantastic Beasts movie?
    • Americans didn’t seem to be painted in a positive light in these new writings.
    • Will Newt’s European mindset influence American Wizards? He may have an opportunity to put his mark on America.
    • Andrew doesn’t like the official pronunciation for “MACUSA.” Or does he?
    • Which of the wand makers in the U.S. would we want to get a wand from?
    • We play Make the Connection with suggestions from our listeners.
    • We speak to Justin Zagri, the writer and director of the new fan film Severus Snape and the Marauders.
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    Episode 288: The “Eighth” Book

    • With Micah out of town, we welcome two MuggleCast virgins to the show: Jeanna and Pam!
    • The Cursed Child’s script will be published as a book on July 31. Woah, this is sooner than expected.
    • What are we calling this? A BOOK? A STORY? What?
    • Two versions of The Cursed Child will be printed. Will we sweat the differences?
    • Will this book change people’s plans to see the show?
    • Midnight release parties… yes? Please say yes.
    • Other announcements: Updated Fantastic Beasts book, new editions of Philosopher’s Stone with Hogwarts House colors, and a date for the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition.
    • MuggleCast is now on Patreon. Please support us to help us increase the number of shows we release every month, and receive great benefits in return! Visit Patreon.com/MuggleCast for more.
    • Pottermore has released a new Sorting Hat quiz, but some people are getting different results this time around.
    • J.K. Rowling has unveiled four Wizarding Schools, including one in America.
    • Is the Encyclopedia doomed at this point? Andrew says yes.
    • Universal and WB’s A Celebration of Harry Potter is turned into a Comic-Con for Potter fans.
    • We take questions from our early Patreon supporters. We’ll answer more on the next episode!

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    Episode 287: Always

    • The Potions Master Remembered
    • We discuss the tragic passing of Alan Rickman and how the Potter community responded
    • J.K. Rowling reveals the secret she shared with Alan Rickman years ago
    • Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts? Guaranteed to get you snogged!
    • We wonder what Jo thinks of the high cost of dining at Hogwarts.
    • An alternate ending to Deathly Hallows… Would it have worked?
    • ‘Cursed Child’ casting causes quite a stir
    • Make The Connection returns and…
    • A new game – Ex-SPELL-iarmus – debuts
    • MuggleCast has launched its Patreon! Pledge $2 or $5 per month to receive benefits including bonus audio content and new merchandise. Plus, and most importantly, you’ll help us release additional episodes of MuggleCast each month.

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    Episode 286: Newt’s Theme

    • The last time we discussed a new Wizarding World trailer was in June 2011… and here we go again.
    • Don’t forget to take our Patreon survey so we can plan the future of the show!
    • The Fantastic Beasts trailer: Our first impressions, “Lumos Maxima,” Hedwig’s theme returns, and more.
    • The Los Angeles Wizarding World now has an opening date — and Universal made the announcement in a unique way.
    • With the new Star Wars opening soon, we wonder: Could the Harry Potter series “awaken” in the same way with the original stars?
    • In many ways, 2015 was a year of rebirth for the Harry Potter fandom. We preview what’s ahead in 2016.
    • What are the odds on that Encyclopedia coming out in 2016? Or that Patronus quiz?

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    Episode 285: Newtcase

    • Thanksgiving is upon us! Does anyone want to Adele and cry?
    • The hosts of MuggleCast are considering some big and exciting changes to the show as we look forward to several more years of Harry Potter goodness from J.K. Rowling. Please take a couple of minutes to take this survey so we can gauge your interest in supporting us!
    • Universal Hollywood has announced what it’ll cost to make regular trips to Wizarding World Hollywood when it opens next year. It’s surprisingly affordable!
    • The curtain was pulled off Fantastic Beasts earlier this month, and there’s lots to discuss!
    • Newt’s suitcase is not as simple as it seems: He holds his magical beasts in it.
    • The first details were shared about the lead characters. Do any of them stand out to us?
    • Producer David Heyman is comparing Fantastic Beasts to Goblet of Fire. Hmmm.
    • What do we think of the American word for muggles, “No-Maj?”
    • What are we thankful for in the world of Harry Potter?

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