Episode 203: LIVE From Infinitus 2010 and The Wizarding World

  • The MuggleCasters are in Orlando to podcast in front of a live audience! This episode actually includes two shows in one. The first show is from within the hotel where the Infinitus Harry Potter conference was held. The second is live from within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park! Join us as we talk about the latest Harry Potter news, our thoughts on the Wizarding World park, and much more.

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Episode 190: Helping Haiti Heal, A Fandom Charity Event

  • This audio file includes several special episodes of the Harry Potter fandom’s favorite podcasts. MuggleCast kicks off this special four-hour event to help raise money for Haiti recovery efforts.
  • The Harry Potter Alliance has united with fan communities across the world, raising over $97,000 for Helping Haiti Heal! That money will charter an multiple cargo planes that will bring critical life-saving supplies to thousands of Haitians and more.

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Episode 176: LIVE in New York City!

  • MuggleCast is LIVE in New York City the day after the premiere to discuss what happened!
  • Andrew and Emerson conducted interviews from the red carpet and have some juicy details to share.
  • Having all the seen the film, we try to give our best spoiler-free review.
  • Fans ask us questions about the film one by one!
  • Emerson and Ben discuss their new book, MuggleNet.com’s Harry Potter Should Have Died.

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Episode 168: LIVE and Rated PG

  • We’re live to usher in the new year!
  • MuggleNet staff member Nick joins us!
  • A nice big panel of hosts to discuss the hot topics.
  • HBP is rated PG – wtf?
  • Eric, having already seen the film, tells us if the rating is justified.
  • Nick points out that the trailers in the UK are rated 12A. What does this mean for the UK rating?
  • The other hot news topics, analyzed.
  • Main discussion: What to expect for 2009?
  • Will we see Jo’s encyclopedia or at least get news on it?
  • Are COS and POA anniversary editions coming this year?
  • Live calls!
  • And finally, extremely sad news about a MuggleCast listener.

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Episode 160: Live HBP International Trailer Talk

  • We’re live hours after the International HBP trailer leaks online!
  • An audio glitch prevents the very beginning of the show to make the feed. Andrew’s bad!
  • Our initial reactions to the trailer.
  • Are some of the effects finished?
  • Why all the fire?! Burn, baby, burn!
  • Dumbledore acts better when he’s dying.
  • Warner Brothers has no weekend staff.
  • What should we do for the original November 21st release date?
  • Andrew attempts to spread a movie release rumor.

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Episode 155: LIVE Teaser Trailer Discussion

  • It’s our first live show since March!
  • We discuss the just-released Half-Blood Prince teaser trailer.
  • Michael Gambon is different in this trailer. But how?
  • Hero Fiennes-Tiffen was a great casting decision.
  • We take your calls about the trailer.
  • Eric and Jamie have statements for the listeners in light of their absence.
  • Andrew tells a story of a recent natural disaster.
  • Spy on Spartz!
  • Contribute to Teddy Bears for Hope.

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Episode 153: Live From Portus!

  • MuggleCast is live from Dallas, Texas this week!
  • We discuss some of the more popular events at Portus.
  • One news item to discuss: the IMAX HBP trailer.
  • Our first and last Epilogue by Epilogue.
  • A live Quote Quiz.
  • Questions from the audience, including the HPA’s Andrew Slack.
  • Fans sing a new version of Good Morning Baltimore – MuggleCast edition.

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Running time: 1:00:58, 28 MB