Episode #540: The Trio’s Reuniting, Albus/Scorpius Becomes Canon?, and our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

On this week’s episode, major news hits the fandom! We discuss the upcoming reunion of cast and crew from Harry Potter to celebrate the first film’s 20th anniversary. In addition, the new, shorter version of Cursed Child is reportedly a lot more heavy on an Albus/Scorpius relationship! And finally we bring you our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Join Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah as they reveal what awesome fan-crafted finds they’ve discovered this year.
  • Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint will all take part in a 20th Anniversary Special for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone‘s release
  • Even actors from later films, such as Gary Oldman and Mark Williams, will be joining in as well as SS/COS director Chris Columbus
  • There have been no reports of J.K. Rowling in attendance. The hosts weigh in on what involvement she’ll have, if any.
  • A Cursed Child fan has passionately revealed that the new, shorter version of Cursed Child on Broadway has a lot more direct references to Albus and Scorpius being interested in one another, and fewer references to girls like Rose and Polly Chapman!
  • The hosts guess at why the play would make changes now, and for only half of its current productions.
  • Main Discussion: Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide episode is here! Each host has two recommendations of fan-made items to check out.
  • From Andrew’s list: A custom Hogwarts acceptance letter and a really awesome personalized lenticular Chocolate Frog card!
  • Eric just loves the super-crafty, miniature Book Nooks that can be found on Etsy, as well as Etsy seller Clever Badger designs, who make many hand-crafted gifts for book lovers.
  • Additionally, MuggleNet’s 2022 fandom calendar is donating part of its proceeds to Fandom Forward (formerly the HP Alliance)
  • Micah has found Wine Goblets from Ravenclaw house and themed soy candles from Frostbeart Studio!
  • And Laura has found a way to get The Grim in your teacup every day, as well as these neat custom Apple Watch bands
  • In addition to their fan-made recommendations, the hosts discuss where to go for vintage Harry Potter merchandise (eBay!)
  • We also ask: if money weren’t an object, which piece of official Harry Potter merchandise would we buy?
  • Lastly, what newly-released official merchandise are we eyeing at the end of this year?
  • Quizzitch: What 14th Century witch enjoyed being burnt at the stake so many times that she did so at least 47 times under different guises?
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Episode #538 Sorcerer’s Stone Movie Commentary Track

This week’s episode is a movie commentary track for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone! The movie turns 20 years old this weekend, and you can finally watch along with the MuggleCasters. Listen as Andrew, Eric, Micah and Laura share their insights and revisit the magical movie that launched the franchise. 

  • You need to bring your own copy of the movie in order to fully enjoy this commentary track. We will help you sync up with us at the beginning (Press ‘pause’ as soon as the WB logo finishes fading to black. Then press ‘play’ when Andrew says ‘3’).
  • Director Chris Columbus recently spoke about the movie in honor of its 20th anniversary, and some of his comments leak in to our lively discussion.
  • The full list of MuggleCast movie commentaries can be found on our website’s Must-Listens page. More to come in the years ahead!

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Episode #536: Evanna Lynch discusses ‘The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting’

On this week’s episode, long time friend of the show Evanna Lynch joins us to discuss her new book, The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting. She talks about the challenges in writing her memoir and the hosts ask her about her experiences as a newly published author. Her book chronicles a struggle with mental illness and an eating disorder, as well as her correspondence with JK Rowling via letters, years before she was cast as Luna Lovegood. Evanna was kind to answer all of our questions and give us her time. This is one episode you won’t want to miss!

  • Evanna Lynch returns to MuggleCast, a newly published author!
  • Her book, The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting is a deeply moving, at times comical and mostly challenging tale of her struggles with an eating disorder while she was growing up.
  • The hosts take turns asking Evanna questions both about her book, and some of the surprising stories found within.
  • Evanna details why she was inspired to write Butterfly Hunting… and how she managed to remember so many details from when she was eleven.
  • What lessons and messages can readers hope to get from the book?
  • Laura asks Evanna what she would say to her younger self, and Evanna replies gravely and honestly.
  • The interview touches on Evanna’s early correspondence with J.K. Rowling via letter. What made her reach out?
  • The reasons Evanna is connected to the character of Luna.
  • Evanna recounts her transition from everyday Harry Potter super-fan to friend and colleague of the cast, and how strange it was to get used to.
  • Finally, what does the title of the book mean? And how did becoming a vegan change Evanna’s way of seeing the world?
  • MuggleCast recently was on Evanna’s The ChickPeeps podcast, and we had a great time.
  • Evanna leaves us with a story of walking into bookstores to sign copies of her book, and what it was like to record the audiobook.
  • Quizzitch: What is Aragog’s wife’s name?? Submit your answer!
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Episode #532: ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore’ Title, Release Date Analysis

On this week’s special episode of MuggleCast, we finally have some Fantastic Beasts 3 news to discuss! The third entry in the Fantastic Beasts series will be titled, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore! Also, a plot synopsis and new release date (April 15, 2022) are out! Join Andrew, Eric, Micah and Laura as they discuss their first impressions of the title, what specific “secrets” the title may be hinting at, and we hear from Slug Club-level Patrons listening live who have some great theories as well!

  • Fantastic Beasts 3 will be titled, The Secrets of Dumbledore.
  • The hosts all owe Andrew money. He has heavily speculated that “Dumbledore” would be in the title!
  • Back on MuggleCast 442, the hosts each predicted the title of the movie in 2019, and some came close!
  • What do we make of the title? Is this anything other than a money-motivated decision to get people to see the movie because it is called something “Dumbledore”?
  • What does this mean for how prominent Dumbledore will be versus the Core Four and Grindelwald from previous movies?
  • What could the “secrets” of Dumbledore be? Will it have to do with the Blood Pact, or Ariana perhaps?
  • Will the secrets of Dumbledore be better explained than the crimes of Grindelwald in Crimes of Grindelwald?
  • We discover that the film title shares a word with another Harry Potter movie! Will this be a trend?
  • Andrew points out the huge visual difference in the size of both series titles on their respective title cards. It’s huge!
  • The movie’s synopsis includes phrases like “intrepid explorers” and “Muggle baker” – but otherwise is pretty vague.
  • Are we still going to visit Rio de Janeiro in this movie?! Was the Brazil setting filmed exclusively at Leavesden?
  • Quizzitch: Who is the main character of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? WRONG answers only! Submit your answer!
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Episode #527: In Defense of Hufflepuff House

Coming off of the success of our last episode where we defended Slytherin House, the MuggleCasters turn their sights to that other maligned Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff! Join Andrew, Eric, Micah and Laura as they discuss the qualities possessed by Hufflepuff students, examine why Hufflepuff does not get much glory in the books, and why everyone should want to know a Hufflepuff in real life. All that and more, on MuggleCast episode 527!

  • Important: Only one week remains to select your 2021 MuggleCast patrons physical gift! Join us at Patreon and make your selection between our retro throwback socks and the customizable wooden car by September 1st!
  • We begin the episode with a fun segment, “The Top 5 Most Disparaging Scenes Featuring Hufflepuff”!
  • Main Discussion: While they may have been “picked last for kickball” in the books, Hufflepuffs may represent the best of us.
  • A brief video of the author from after the books were published seems conciliatory to all Hufflepuffs burned by their book representation.
  • What do traits such as “just” and “loyal” mean? What are the values of hard work and patience, and why do Hufflepuffs prefer to walk the quiet road to glory?
  • Helga Hufflepuff’s philosophy of “I’ll teach the lot, and train them up the same” is actually the best policy when it comes to education, Laura explains.
  • Eric shares which moments from the Hufflepuff Welcome Letter made him feel most at home in his new house.
  • Other famous Hufflepuffs: from Newt AND his brother Theseus, to Helga herself, Hepzibah Smith, the founder of Hogsmeade and more, just which witches and wizards wore the badger when they were at Hogwarts?
  • Each hosts says something nice about Hufflepuff House and listeners give their thoughts!
  • Quizzitch: What conceals the entrance to the Hufflepuff Common Room? Visit MuggleCast.com/Quizzitch to submit your answer!
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Episode #524: ‘Cursed Child’ Downsizing, A Wild Snape Observation, Sorting Hat Biases and other MuggleMail

  • It’s another MuggleMail episode, folks!
  • But first: The Cursed Child’s North American productions are being condensed into one part! What does this mean for the show’s future?
  • It’s time to announce this year’s MuggleCast Patreon physical gifts: Throwback socks and a “Sweet 16” customizable wooden model car!
  • Listeners must sign up to our Patreon and choose their gift by September 1st to be eligible to receive them.
  • Voicemails from listeners concern Petunia’s motivations for spying on her neighbors, character maturities, a big fandom moment, and fond memories from the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 red carpet.
  • It’s DumbledoreMail galore as listeners write in about the hiding of Ariana, the blood pact and 12 uses of dragon’s blood being related, and when phoenixes appear.
  • Could Travers already be working for the Dark side in the time of Crimes of Grindelwald? He’s got family history.
  • Bellatrix’s comment about Snape’s neighborhood leaves one listener asking if his home town puts Snape in hot water with the Death Eaters.
  • That same listener asks why NOBODY told Harry that Snape and Lily were childhood friends! Lupin, Sirius, and Dumbledore all hide that fact for their entire lives.
  • Did the Hogwarts Sorting Hat always reflect Salazar Slytherin’s bias?
  • The hosts reflect on which scenes from the Potter films most improved on the books.
  • In this month’s Throwback Email, an Australian listener details WW2 references present in Grindelwald’s backstory.
  • A new game, “Who Said It?” has us identifying which of us said the excerpt read by Andrew. The participants do not do particularly well!
  • Quizzitch: What is the name for the double agent, working for the British MOM as a bounty hunter, who is secretly taking orders from Grindelwald? Visit MuggleCast.com/Quizzitch to submit your answer!
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Episode #522: Revisiting ‘Deathly Hallows, Part 2’ Ten Years Later


  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 turns ten years old!
  • On this episode, the MuggleCasters and Slug Club member Molly reminisce about the last film in the original series.
  • Where were we when Deathly Hallows came out?
  • We experience the touching farewell speeches given by Dan, Rupert and Emma on the red carpet in London.
  • Movie 8 has the highest Rotten Tomato rating of the whole series! And it made the most money. Can we see why?
  • We deep dive the plot of DH2 and re-learn what was new and different, including Aberforth.
  • Micah recaps the biggest omissions in adaptation from the page to the screen. Tonks’ pregnancy, portrait Dumbledore and Carrows vs. McGonagall all got changed.
  • Meanwhile, the scene in the Chamber of Secrets is shown for the first time, and Snape gets a change of scenery!
  • The hosts revisit what they were most looking forward to, after having read the book, and what scenes surprised them.
  • The Epilogue was shot, and then re-shot. Remembering the geriatric non-millennial trio and friends.
  • In this week’s debate, hosts take sides defending or criticizing the last film’s adaptation. Let us know who won via our social media poll!
  • Quizzitch: Five years after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, the franchise was continued with the first Fantastic Beasts film. What is the first spoken sentence of Fantastic Beasts? Visit MuggleCast.com/Quizzitch to submit your answer!
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  • Support us on Patreon and receive magical benefits, like access to our recording studio, Bonus MuggleCast, a personalized thank you video from one of the hosts and more! On this month’s Bonus MuggleCast, we talk about our favorite Jude Law Dumbledore moments from Crimes of Grindelwald!

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Episode #520: The Most Shocking Moments in Fandom History, Part 2: Encyclopedia Flip Flop, More Wizarding Schools, Fantastic Beasts


  • We continue our discussion on the most shocking moments in Harry Potter fandom history, with some stories you’ll remember and others you probably forgot about!
  • In 2012, Micah discovered that JKR had announced she was actively working on a Harry Potter Encyclopedia, but it was quickly retracted once the story got out.
  • In 2013, Rowling was outed as male author Robert Galbraith by a lawyer’s… wife’s… friend… and a British newspaper.
  • Later that same year, only a week after MuggleCast “ended,” the Fantastic Beasts film series was announced!
  • Years later, can we all agree Fantastic Beasts IS a prequel?
  • Dumbledore’s appearance in Crimes of Grindelwald and the casting of Jude Law was a delightful surprise.
  • In 2016, more Wizarding World schools were announced, and controversy may have prevented us from getting more that were promised.
  • The same year, the stage show Cursed Child is announced, and debuts in 2 parts! We revisit the original description of the show, which is very different than the final product.
  • Honorable mentions submitted by our listeners include Ron/Hermione regrets, Rowling on Twitter, and the Wizards Unite game.
  • We also reflect on the actors we’ve lost over the years.
  • To wrap up our discussion, each of the hosts speculates on which crazy “impossible” idea will be the next shocking news story in fandom.
  • Quizzitch: Who portrayed the character of Barry Fairbrother on the BBC series adaptation of the Casual Vacancy? Visit MuggleCast.com/Quizzitch to submit your answer!
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  • Support us on Patreon and receive magical benefits, like access to our recording studio, Bonus MuggleCast, a personalized thank you video from one of the hosts and more! On this month’s Bonus MuggleCast, we share our thoughts on a Harry Potter cast reunion!

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Episode #519: The Most Shocking Moments in Fandom History, Part 1: JKR v The Lexicon, The Deathly Hallows Split, Pottermore

  • Welcome back Andy, of Harry Potter Fan Zone (and PotterNoMore.com)!
  • This is Part 1 of a two-part discussion, wherein the hosts discuss the most Shocking Moments in Harry Potter Fandom History.
  • First up: In 2005, JK Rowling invites fan site heads Emerson and Melissa to her house!
  • In 2007, before Deathly Hallows and high-speed internet, a live stream revealed a new Harry Potter theme park! What was the significance of a Potter-themed park at the time? And why did Rowling say no to Disney?
  • …but Andy had already been to a Harry Potter theme park, down in Australia, called Warner Bros. “Movie World”!
  • Also in 2007, JKR Fan Site Award winner The HP Lexicon was taken to court by JKR/WB over their plans for a book. How did this feel to us as fellow fan site workers?
  • The split that changed it all: How WB’s decision to break up The Deathly Hallows changed history and set the bar for future film franchises to come.
  • Half-Blood Prince’s unexpected release date postponement disappointed fans like few things had at the time. Andrew had made a reaction video and a new version of the HBP trailer.
  • Pottermore announced: We discuss the early days of the website, why it was so special, and what ultimately happened to it.
  • Stay tuned next week for more shocking news moments, like the time JKR confirmed she was finally writing an Encyclopedia, Fantastic Beasts coming into existence, the earliest Cursed Child information, and so much more.
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Episode #516: Can Draco Malfoy Ever Be Forgiven?

  • The Harry Potter Store in New York City is now open. Will Micah be going?
  • In celebration of the character’s birthday, today we are discussing all things Draco Malfoy.
  • Malfoy’s name implies he will act in bad faith, and his horoscope suggests a duality of character. Do the hosts agree?
  • According to LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, Malfoy’s Boggart is Lord Voldemort. Is this canon? Are there any other things his Boggart might be?
  • We all agree Tom Felton was an excellent choice for Draco, and we love how active he is in fandom today.
  • Fun Segment: To kick off our in-depth character analysis, the hosts recap the Top 7 Moments Draco was a Jerk
  • While the first four moments were concerning, the top three moments could have or did result in the loss of life!
  • Can Draco Malfoy be redeemed? How much of his upbringing is to blame for his casual racism?
  • Is there a “sweet spot” age where Draco can be held responsible for all of his actions, and if so, when?
  • Drawing from Cursed Child, all the hosts strangely agree that Draco would be a good father as a result of his actions.
  • Are there actions of Draco’s that are truly unforgivable? What behavior would the hosts never forgive in their personal life?
  • Which characters from Harry Potter would never forgive Draco? Which ones would?
  • Finally, the hosts all try to say something nice about Draco!
  • Quizzitch: The constellation Draco was so named for its appearance of being like a dragon.. Who first named the constellation Draco?Visit MuggleCast.com/Quizzitch to submit your answer!
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (Get 20% off your first purchase) and Quip (Try their new mouthwash today!).

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