Episode #299: The Cursed Child, Part 2

With only one episode to go until our landmark 300th show, MuggleCast 299 covers the back half of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Part 2. This week we’re joined by HYPE host Selina Wilken!

– We dive deep into Part 2 of The Cursed Child
– Scorpius returns to an alternate reality
– Why Snape didn’t translate well on stage
– Would humiliating Cedric actually drive him to become a Death Eater?
– One listener wonders why Moody didn’t see Albus & Scorpius in The Maze?
– The Second Prophecy
– Voldemort had a child, which means… many things we didn’t think were possible
– Why was nobody suspicious/aware of a pregnant Bellatrix?
– The blanket: was it a stretch? We think so.
– Halloween 1981: are there certain events in the Potter series that shouldn’t be touched?
– Listener tweets
– Mega MuggleCast is coming!
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