Wood Car Instructions

Welcome Patrons! Here are all the instructions and helpful hints / tips you might need in order to assemble your MuggleCast “Sweet 16” customizable wood car! There are digital 3d graphics and a video down below which will guide you through the process completely.

In the video above, Eric will walk you through the assembly of your custom wood car.

Pictoral instructions provided with the car: view the digital PDF at this link

Additional 3-D reference images:


And, learn how to customize your car at the below video!

Material recommendations for customization:

  • Acrylic paint
  • A flat-ended brush (not pointy/circular) for detail work
  • Gel pens!
  • Sharpies or other assorted markers including paint markers

Remember to tag us on Social Media once your car is built and/or designed, and use hash tag #MCSweet16!