Episode 120: 1337 Approvals

  • Mikey B returns, and Andy from HarryPotterFanZone.com makes his MuggleCast debut!
  • Andrew is 1337! LOLZ!
  • Harry Potter changes a school in England. Could it do the same for America?
  • We talk about the books that don’t fly with kids in school.
  • WB confirms the rest of the HBP cast.
  • But wait… is it truly the REST?
  • Order of the Phoenix or Hairspray? Hairspray.
  • Half-Blood Prince sneak peeks.
  • MuggleCast Wall of Fame!
  • Got a ZUNE? Now you can subscribe to us!
  • MuggleMail goes through YOUR e-mails.
  • Will the Writers Guild strike affect Deathly Hallows?
  • What impact has Harry Potter made on literature?
  • Thanksgiving is here and we count our blessings.
  • Chicken Soup.

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