Episode #297: Tastes Like Lime

With less than a week until The Cursed Child is released around the world, Andrew, Micah, Eric, and longtime listener/friend/writer John Thrasher talk about the eighth story and Fantastic Beasts at San Diego Comic-Con! Plus, we have a spoiler-free early review of Fantastic Beasts from someone who attended a test screening!

On Episode 297 we discuss…

  • The Cursed Child release is just days away! AHHH!
  • Is WB already working on a movie adaptation?
  • Emma Watson meets the new Hermione and gives her thoughts on The Cursed Child — it was so great seeing this photo!
  • Fantastic Beasts hits Comic-Con, and everyone in the audience (including Andrew) gets a free wand from Eddie Redmayne.
  • What’s up with Newt’s wand? It’s hollow at its base.
  • Chicago continues its Potter screening tradition and we’ve got someone on the inside! (Thanks, Jeanna!)
  • Trailer hype: house-elves, goblins, no-Majs, helmets, Jon Voight, new beasts & more!
  • Favorites: midnight release party edition
  • We’ll be live in Brooklyn, NY & Orlando, FL next weekend for The Cursed Child midnight release parties! Come join us!
  • Thanks to John for joining us! Be sure to check him out on Currently podcast!

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  1. Eric summed up my feelings about the release tonight perfectly- apprehensive but eager for confirmation, one way or another. I don’t feel excited for this play the way I did for the books. However, as I type this, I happen to be having coffee in the cafe at Barnes and Noble, watching as the decorations and booths begin to go up and I have to say- I’m trying very hard not to start ugly crying in public. My robes are in my backpack so that I can rush back as soon as I get off work and I can’t help but feel sheer joy at the prospect of once again attending an HP midnight release, even if the book itself disappoints.

  2. Does this link https://www.patreon.com/mugglecast only work on a pc, tablet, or iPhone? I cannot get it to load on my droid device 🙁 I have been trying for over a week to support Mugglecast through patreon with no luck 🙁 Super sad bc I’m going to miss the deadline for a T-shirt now..

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