Episode #314: Mustard

  • We’re back to weekly episodes and patron Sophia joins the show!
  • Andrew is live from Orlando
  • We have a small number of MuggleCast shirts available for sale. Grab yours quick! (Only XL+ sizes are currently available)
  • The Fantastic Beasts DVD/Blu-ray is out and we talk deleted scenes and special features
  • Graves, Tina & that awkward mustard moment
  • Jacob & Mildred
  • The neutered runespoor
  • What happened to Credence boarding a boat?
  • Which of the 11 deleted scenes would we like to see make the final cut?
  • Before Harry Potter: A New Era of Magic Begins
  • JKR says Fantastic Beasts is why she’s always said “never say never”
  • Heyman, Yates, Kloves, Craig & Jo – the band is back together again
  • Yates was initially hesitant to return to the Potter world
  • Casting A Quartet: what does this mean for the foursome moving forward?
  • The cast discuss Yates’ unique directing style
  • The responsibility of continuing Potter
  • Keep sending in your voicemails: 920-3-MUGGLE
  • Next week: Fantastic Beast Feature Discussion: Characters, Creatures & Design

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