Episode #323: Credence

  • Welcome Slug Club member Juliana!
  • It’s been 13 years since the release of Prisoner of Azkaban in theaters! We reminisce.
  • The 20th anniversary editions of Philosopher’s Stone have shipped!
  • Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Credence Barebone
  • How much is there still to learn about him? Who was his mother? Could his father still be alive?
  • Can Credence control his powers? He’s very targeted in his attacks, but his actions sometimes have unintended consequences (Chastity).
  • Is it odd given how powerful Grindelwald is that he couldn’t figure out Credence was the obscurial?
  • Does the obscurial mask its own identity?
  • We discuss Credence’s relationship with Graves/Grindelwald
  • Will Dumbledore extend a helping hand to Credence given what happened to Arianna?
  • The Barebone name origin conversation takes an inappropriate turn
  • What’s next for Credence? Did he really make it onto the boat?
  • Voicemails: Ron, Queenie, Grindelwald, Puffs and more!

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  1. I like to think that Credence is a descendant of Isolt Sayre and therefore a distant member of the Gaunt line.

    To continue this line of baseless idle speculation, I see him venturing to Britain in bodiless form on the same ship as Newt Scamander in early December 1926. Once there, his tormented spirit flits from unsuspecting person to unsuspecting person, searching for a suitable host. He is barely clinging to life, and what he really needs most is a way to regenerate, to start again fresh in a brand new body.

    Eventually, he makes his way to Little Hangleton, where he comes across a distant relative, one Merope Gaunt, who is very pregnant and ready to pop any day now. Credence’s blood relation to Merope provides him with the right ingredients to regain strength, while her unborn child provides him with a perfect vessel inside of which to reincarnate.

    And the rest, as they say, is history.

  2. Whoa! Just listening to Alohomora recap episode 221 and a fan posited a theory that relates to Voldemort only being as strong as those he possesses (aka Quirrell in Book 1 and Ginny in Book 2) and that his long monologue in Chamber of Secrets was just a stalling tactic bc he really didn’t have the power to kill Harry yet because he was still in the process of draining Ginny soul and her magic! THIS made me think of the conversation last week on Mugglecast about whether Grindelwald’s magic had been or even could be taken from him! What coincidental timing ! thoughts?

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