Episode #332: The Hollow Goblet

  • JKR is the highest paid author of 2017… but should she be?
  • We celebrate 12 years of podcasting with a special PO Box update
  • Main Discussion: What has Potter changed about pop culture?
  • We talk about how Potter normalized nerd culture and made reading “cool”
  • Is Harry Potter a gateway fandom?
  • How Harry Potter rode the wave of the Internet
  • Fansites, podcasts,¬†FRAPR maps, fan listings, phpBB forums and more
  • The evolution of JKR’s website
  • Book release dates, book titles, trailers exclusives and major announcements all happened via the Internet
  • Having the ability to interact directly with the author, cast and crew
  • Making friends through the internet
  • When Jo tweets… it’s international news
  • If you were to create a fansite today, what would it be?
  • We’ll see you in a few weeks for MuggleNet Live in Orlando

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  1. I’m a fan that was extremely unaware of fan sites until the series was almost over. I do agree that without them the interest would have been lost because that’s what would happen to me. i would read a few books but i wouldn’t keep up with what was coming so by the time the new book came along i would have to reignite my interest one way or another and sometimes it would take me some time after the release dates to get back to it. As a listener that only started listening to you last year, i decided to listen to all the episodes form the beginning and yes it was interesting listening to the speculations of what i knew would be coming, but also listening to you guys discover the new platforms such as social media and how the wizarding community kept growing. Happy belated birthday MuggleCast and i hope to continue enjoying the ride.

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