Episode 38: A Very Moody Podcast

  • Andrew works with Congress and President Bush to bring you our next contest
  • Character discussions are back! This week: Mad-Eye Moody
  • What does the name Alastor mean?
  • Where did Moody get his magical eye from?
  • Why did imposter Moody suggest that Harry become an Auror?
  • More Horcrux talk
  • Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 12, “The Mirror of Erised”
  • Does Filch know Snape is onto Quirrell?
  • Will Harry run across the mirror once again?
  • Invisibility discussion
  • Dueling club: Hippogriff vs Thestral
  • What is Dumbledore’s Boggart?
  • What would Hermione see in the Mirror of Erised?
  • We discuss our Favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers

Download Now Running time: 1:10:15, 24.5 MB