Episode #413: Horcrux Hangover (HBP 22, After the Burial)

  • Slug Club member Sara joins the show!
  • Muggle Mail covers Bunty The Spy, Snape The Protector and Snape The Bully
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 22 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, After The Burial
  • 7-Word Summary: Aragog causes Harry no issues with Slughorn
  • Despite its dark undertones, is this one of the funniest chapters of the series?
  • Eric tells us why Hagrid’s letter defined his Potter reading experience
  • Aragog is one of our biggest (literally) connecting threads between Half-Blood Prince and Chamber of Secrets
  • Will we see Aragog make an appearance in the Fantastic Beasts series?
  • Thanks to Ron… it’s time for Harry to GET LUCKY!
  • Thoughts of Ginny… are they romantic or a bit disgusting?
  • If the placebo Felix Felicis effect worked on Ron, do we think it could have done the same for Harry?
  • Is Slughorn so elusive because he considered Harry would eventually use Felix Felicis?
  • Venomous tentacula, acromantula venom, unicorn hair… Slughorn has a side-hussle!
  • House-Elves as poison taste-testers! What does this reveal about Slughorn’s character?
  • I Will Remember You: our patrons pay tribute to Aragog
  • Let’s get drunk! Is this becoming a recurring theme in Half-Blood Prince?
  • Does Slughorn feel guilty, maybe even responsible, for what happened to Lily?
  • Francis The Fish is possibly the best addition the filmmakers made to the series
  • Rename The Chapter and MVP of the Week
  • Quizzitch: Who tells Nearly-Headless Nick about Dumbledore’s whereabouts?
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