Episode #500: The Best Harry Potter Pick-Up Lines, Popular Head Cannon Ships

  • We made it to Episode 500! To celebrate, we have a fun a look at MuggleCast By The Numbers
  • How many emails have we received over the years? How many times has the show been downloaded? Which host has appeared on the most episodes?
  • Guess That MuggleCast Episode Title! Eric quizzes Andrew, Laura and Micah on some of the more memorable episode titles on the last 15 years!
  • To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we set the mood and deliver some of the best Harry Potter Pickup Lines
  • Alternate Universe Pairings that’ve been popular head cannon: could Harry and Luna have really happened? What about Hermione and Draco? Remus and Sirius?
  • We examine some of the more popular head canon couples in the series and try to identify the turning point where they could have become a reality!
  • What Hogwarts House is your soulmate in? Take the quiz!
  • Quizzitch: How far did Harry throw the gnome that bit him?
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