Episode #651: Girls Takeover, Part 2: How Motherhood Is A Core Theme in Harry Potter

The ladies of MuggleCast are back for Part 2 of our Girls Takeover Series! This week we’re diving deeper into the roles of women as mothers, teachers, care givers, and warriors. We’re joined by our social media manager Chloé, transcriber manager Meg, and sister-podcast host Pam. 

  • This week, we dive deeper into the roles of women as mothers we didn’t get to dig as deep into on our last installment. 
  • We spend time ruminating on the show’s current position in Goblet of Fire, and give Hermione props for being the friend Harry needs, even if it’s not necessarily what Harry wants. 
  • Did Merope Gaunt make the ultimate sacrifice out of love for her son? 
  • Is Narcissa a good mother? We examine how being a good mother and being a good person are not mutually exclusive. 
  • No matter the role examined, we continue to find that for the women in Harry Potter, motherhood is a core theme. Even women who don’t have children, they still serve mother-like roles in some capacity. 
  • That’s right, even Umbridge represents a particular flavor of motherhood (ugh). 
  • We also examine the roles of women and fandom, and reflect on our tenure as Potterheads, and what our fandom engagement looks like outside of the podcast these days. 
  • Demographics for leaders in the Harry Potter fandom has evolved in the last 20 years: a fandom where many of the site runners, content creators, and podcasters were men has seen a dramatic shift towards more women and non-binary people leading in the fandom space. 
  • We look to organizations like Fandom Forward, MuggleNet, and LeakyCon as organizations that are heavily woman-led making efforts to create better inclusivity and representation in the wizarding world fan space. 
  • Did you enjoy this installment of Girls Takeover? Keep an eye out for our next installment, where we’ll be taking on an installment of Chapter by Chapter! 
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