Quizzitch LIVE: Weasley Edition – Sunday, November 22 at 1 PM ET!

Join the MuggleCasters for our seventh live trivia event to celebrate Thanksgiving and the Weasleys!

In Quizzitch LIVE: Weasley Edition, the hosts of our Harry Potter podcast will be asking multiple choice questions about the Weasley family.

You will receive a maximum of 100 points for correctly answering each question. The faster you answer, the more points you’ll receive.

Like previous Quizzitch LIVE installments, the MuggleCasters will be hosting a live stream as the game is played. If your primary device is a mobile phone, we recommend readying another device to get the full Quizzitch Live experience — one device for watching the stream, and the other for participating in the game.

If your phone has a picture-in-picture mode, you may be able to watch the stream in the corner of your stream while you play the game.

Our live stream will begin at 1 PM ET on Sunday, November 22, and the game will begin at 1:15 PM ET. Links to the stream and game will be posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (in the bio) shortly before the event begins. This game is open to everyone.


The top three winners will receive one of three grab bag items we’ve had in our back pocket: The forthcoming Quidditch-inspired novel This Is How We Fly by Anna Merino (once it is released in mid-December), a copy of our favorite holiday movie The Holiday on DVD, Blu-ray or Digital, and a set of Harry Potter figurines.