Episode 265: Streets of Fire

  • Universal Orlando (FINALLY) confirms its theme park expansion!
  • Does it meet expectations?
  • What surprises did we learn?
  • Is a fire breathing dragon a good idea in 100 degree weather?
  • How will the Hogwarts Express train work?
  • We listen to voicemails from listeners.

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Running time: 0:55:40, 25.5 MB

Episode 203: LIVE From Infinitus 2010 and The Wizarding World

  • The MuggleCasters are in Orlando to podcast in front of a live audience! This episode actually includes two shows in one. The first show is from within the hotel where the Infinitus Harry Potter conference was held. The second is live from within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park! Join us as we talk about the latest Harry Potter news, our thoughts on the Wizarding World park, and much more.

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Episode 201: ButterSugarBeer

  • Andrew visits the Wizarding World and shares stories about the VIP grand opening, public grand opening, and the park itself.
  • How is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey?
  • Is the size of the park acceptable? How does it feel?
  • The secret attraction at the park that has no line and will entertain you for as long as you like.
  • Would a Harry Potter park make sense, business wise, in the United Kingdom?
  • Deathly Hallows filming ends, and stars comment on the feeling of closure.
  • We host a MuggleCast Mailbag segment to catch up on some e-mail!
  • We bring back our Debate segment: did Ron and Hermione have a happy marriage?
  • What if… we could use some Polyjuice Potion?
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul.

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