Episode #316: Shaping The World

Slug Club member James joins the show as we discuss some of the best special features on the Fantastic Beasts DVD / Blu-ray (and Digital)!

  • We have very, very few MuggleCast t-shirts still available!
  • The Wizarding World theme park is getting decked out for Christmas!
  • What other holidays/celebrations would listeners like to see?
  • Our main discussion: The Fantastic Beast Creature & Design Features
  • It’s not all green screens and CGI
  • “Honey, what did you do today?” “Oh I dressed up as an erumpant and traded mating calls with Eddie Redmayne!”
  • Dougal the Demiguise is JKR’s favorite
  • “If you don’t like the Niffler, there is something wrong with you!”
  • JKR wanted to have one thing that was “quintessentially” American – Frank the Thunderbird
  • Which begs the question – where were the other American beasts?
  • Shaping The World of Fantastic Beasts
  • Rebuilding New York City, inside MACUSA, The Newtcase, The Blind Pig & more
  • What special features were missing that we would have liked to see?
  • Voicemails
  • Get your MuggleCast t-shirt while supplies last!

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Episode #315: Youngledore

This week’s episode of MuggleCast is brought to you by Puffs the Play! Save 10% on your tickets by using code MugglePuffs at checkout.

  • Grindelwald’s line at the end of Fantastic Beasts gets an explanation (kind of)
  • Cursed Child cleans up at the Olivier Awards. Did they deserve it?
  • The super duper deluxe awesome edition of Cursed Child is coming (in paperback), and Micah isn’t impressed
  • Jude Law has been cast as Dumbledore!
  • We’re headed back to Hogwarts!
  • What other characters can we expect to see?
  • Beard or no beard?
  • Listeners share their thoughts on the news of Jude Law’s casting
  • How deep will the movies dive into the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald?
  • Celebrating 20 years of Potter, listeners share their Favorite Memories
  • Voicemails
  • And a new segment that will rival The Voice

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Episode #314: Mustard

  • We’re back to weekly episodes and patron Sophia joins the show!
  • Andrew is live from Orlando
  • We have a small number of MuggleCast shirts available for sale. Grab yours quick! (Only XL+ sizes are currently available)
  • The Fantastic Beasts DVD/Blu-ray is out and we talk deleted scenes and special features
  • Graves, Tina & that awkward mustard moment
  • Jacob & Mildred
  • The neutered runespoor
  • What happened to Credence boarding a boat?
  • Which of the 11 deleted scenes would we like to see make the final cut?
  • Before Harry Potter: A New Era of Magic Begins
  • JKR says Fantastic Beasts is why she’s always said “never say never”
  • Heyman, Yates, Kloves, Craig & Jo – the band is back together again
  • Yates was initially hesitant to return to the Potter world
  • Casting A Quartet: what does this mean for the foursome moving forward?
  • The cast discuss Yates’ unique directing style
  • The responsibility of continuing Potter
  • Keep sending in your voicemails: 920-3-MUGGLE
  • Next week: Fantastic Beast Feature Discussion: Characters, Creatures & Design

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Episode #313: Cha-Ching

  • Andrew is back and talks about his time in London!
  • A controversial statement (of sorts) about the Harry Potter Studio Tour
  • How did the studio tour compare to Andrew’s set visits back in the day?
  • Another Illustrated Edition is on the way (and it’s probably not the one you think)
  • Patreon Question: What book from the Wizarding World would you like JKR to write next?
  • Our main discussion focuses on the newly released Fantastic Beasts book
  • Newt was a spy for Dumbledore (according to Rita Skeeter)
  • Dumbledore’s relationship with Newt was “more than a schoolteacher”
  • Six new beasts make the cut and one goes missing
  • A key word in Newt’s foreword is changed
  • Our voicemail line is now open and Micah gets generous with our first callers
  • Bonus MuggleCast: New theme park expansion
  • See you in April for weekly episodes and our review of the Fantastic Beasts Blu-ray
  • This week’s sponsors: BlueApron.com/MuggleCast and Mack Weldon (enter ‘MUGGLE’ at checkout for 20% off!)

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Episode #312: Choranaptyxic

  • MuggleCast will be returning to weekly format in April! Thanks, Patrons!
  • An unprepared/underwhelming Oscars acceptance speech
  • Fantastic Beasts now on digital release – new clips abound!
  • The Studio tour is expanding again!
  • Audiobooks, new words and theater nominations for Cursed Child.
  • Listener question: What is your earliest Harry Potter memory?
  • Main Discussion: Prisoner of Azkaban illustrated edition cover is revealed! Is Ernie Prang related to Dumbledore?
  • The colors remind us of Goosebumps books. Listeners also weigh in.
  • One more early HP experience to note

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Episode #311: 311

  • Andrew’s worlds collide when The Boss’ Harry Potter song finally surfaces! (Sorry, it’s currently unavailable online)
  • Cursed Child auditions are underway – we’re all too tall!
  • Dumbledore casting update
  • Fantastic Beasts is nominated for two Oscars – we’re not holding our breath!
  • Our main discussion takes listener questions on the Fantastic Beasts core four
  • How will Newt factor in to the larger wizarding war and the Dumbledore vs. Grindelwald battle?
  • How much does Jacob truly remember? Will he make it out alive? Will he be more than the silly sidekick?
  • Did Jacob and Queenie have a family? Quentin Kowalski would seem to suggest so.
  • What will Tina’s new role be? Will she take Graves’ position? And possibly lead U.S. magical forces against the growing threat in Europe?
  • What was the relationship between Tina and the real Graves like?
  • Can Queenie turn off her powerful legilimancy abilities? How does she handle all of that information? What other talents can wizards and witches be born with?
  • How can Queenie use her powers in the war to come?
  • We announce The Slug Club – a brand-new level for patrons! Visit our Patreon to check it out and pledge.
  • PO Box update (thank you to everyone who sent us mail) and our voicemail line is returning!
  • In Bonus MuggleCast we discuss a potential LEGO Harry Potter movie after Voldemort had a big role in the LEGO Batman Movie.

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Episode #310: Snowplowicus

  • We review the new House editions of Philosopher’s Stone from Bloomsbury
  • Andrew reveals his true allegiance(s)
  • Kreacher has passed on at age 666
  • What tweet about a popular Fantastic Beasts theory did J.K. Rowling like three times?
  • Zoe Kravitz talks Newt and Leta
  • Fantastic Beasts Mailbag
  • We theorize a bit more on why Newt left Hogwarts
  • Was Dumbledore a target of Grindelwald’s from the onset?
  • Will Dumbledore be portrayed in a less than positive light in future films? Will his relationship with Grindelwald be showcased at all?
  • Chances we get a Tom Riddle cameo? What other families/characters can we expect to run into?
  • What will happen to Credence in the next film?
  • The creepy Death Cell inside MACUSA
  • What exactly happens to witches and wizards born to No-Majs in the U.S.?
  • The Dueling Club and Make The Connection return!
  • In Bonus MuggleCast we offer updates on the original trio. Plus: Does Dan really want to do a Cursed Child movie?

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Episode #309: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • We pay tribute to the late John Hurt
  • The truth behind Never Sever Us
  • The Rubbish Bin on JKR’s site returns… with a Cursed Child focus
  • Follow The Spiders – what does it mean?
  • The Fantastics Beasts DVD/Blu-ray gets a release date!
  • We listen to the deleted scene featuring the Ilvermorny house song!
  • Eddie Redmayne will read the new Fantastic Beasts audiobook
  • We revisit Fantastic Beasts: Jeanna compares the screening in Chicago to the final product
  • Jacob’s fiancee
  • How the big Grindelwald reveal went down
  • Theme park expansion rumors abound in Bonus MuggleCast

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Running Time: 1:09:41, 96.1 MB