Episode #654: Witchcraft and Rizzardry (GOF Chapter 22, The Unexpected Task)

On this week’s episode, we interrupt your regularly scheduled schoolwork to announce (quite last minute) that there will be a Yule Ball this year! Grab your dress robes and find a dance partner before all the “good ones” are taken!

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  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Goblet of Fire, Chapter 22: The Unexpected Task
  • 7-Word Summary: Cho regrets not saying ‘yes’ to Greatness
  • Main Discussion #1: McGonagall’s announcement
  • Is Professor McGonagall not being sensitive to Harry’s youth?
  • How long have the teachers known about the Yule Ball this year, and why would they announce it a week before Christmas?
  • Laura asks what our high school dances were like and the hosts try to remember.
  • Fred Weasley has the Cha(rizz)ma to win The Unexpected Task of Asking Girls Out
  • Would it be so wrong if Harry, a champion, went stag to the ball?
  • Harry turns on Cedric Diggory after learning he’s Cho’s date
  • Cho lets Harry down easy, and we compare her character here vs Book 5
  • Ginny wins at playing the long game; Ron and Harry both mess up at romance
  • This chapter represents the last time Harry will forget about bezoars
  • Next week: Goblet of Fire, Chapter 23: The Yule Ball
  • Quizzitch question: What gift does Harry get Ron for Christmas in 1994?
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