Episode 100: The Big One

  • MuggleCast LIVE in London for the release of ‘Deathly Hallows’
  • We are welcomed by Rubeus Hagrid! (Note: Not Ben Schoen.)
  • It’s episode 100 everyone!
  • Eric wears girly shirts.
  • We have some general ‘Deathly Hallows’ discussion:
  • Snape: Good or Evil?
  • Dumbledore: Dead or Alive?
  • Harry/Ginny: Together or Not?
  • Because we haven’t gotten enough of the film, we discuss it some more.
  • The fifth floor is very loud…
  • The fifth floor stomps the roof down.
  • What difficulties will WB face in the making of movie 6?
  • Make the Connection: LIVE.
  • We discuss possible avenues Jo might pursue after Harry.
  • Do any other Death Eaters have Horcruxes?
  • Will Harry Potter be used in public schools?
  • The future of the fandom.

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