Episode 287: Always

  • The Potions Master Remembered
  • We discuss the tragic passing of Alan Rickman and how the Potter community responded
  • J.K. Rowling reveals the secret she shared with Alan Rickman years ago
  • Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts? Guaranteed to get you snogged!
  • We wonder what Jo thinks of the high cost of dining at Hogwarts.
  • An alternate ending to Deathly Hallows… Would it have worked?
  • ‘Cursed Child’ casting causes quite a stir
  • Make The Connection returns and…
  • A new game – Ex-SPELL-iarmus – debuts
  • MuggleCast has launched its Patreon! Pledge $2 or $5 per month to receive benefits including bonus audio content and new merchandise. Plus, and most importantly, you’ll help us release additional episodes of MuggleCast each month.

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Running time: 1:07:08, 32.2 MB

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