Episode 288: The “Eighth” Book

  • With Micah out of town, we welcome two MuggleCast virgins to the show: Jeanna and Pam!
  • The Cursed Child’s script will be published as a book on July 31. Woah, this is sooner than expected.
  • What are we calling this? A BOOK? A STORY? What?
  • Two versions of The Cursed Child will be printed. Will we sweat the differences?
  • Will this book change people’s plans to see the show?
  • Midnight release parties… yes? Please say yes.
  • Other announcements: Updated Fantastic Beasts book, new editions of Philosopher’s Stone with Hogwarts House colors, and a date for the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition.
  • MuggleCast is now on Patreon. Please support us to help us increase the number of shows we release every month, and receive great benefits in return! Visit Patreon.com/MuggleCast for more.
  • Pottermore has released a new Sorting Hat quiz, but some people are getting different results this time around.
  • J.K. Rowling has unveiled four Wizarding Schools, including one in America.
  • Is the Encyclopedia doomed at this point? Andrew says yes.
  • Universal and WB’s A Celebration of Harry Potter is turned into a Comic-Con for Potter fans.
  • We take questions from our early Patreon supporters. We’ll answer more on the next episode!

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