Episode #356: The Potter Collector

  • We will be at LeakyCon 2018 this summer in Dallas, TX!
  • The Studio Tour is adding a Goblet of Fire special beginning March 30
  • Cursed Child producer believes fans would want a Part 3… what?!?
  • We interview The Potter Collector (Instagram)who enlightens us on his more than 1,000 books!
  • How did he first get into the Potter series?
  • Does he have a favorite translated edition?
  • What’s his most prized possession? Is there anything he still needs to get his hands on?
  • Does he collect Fantastic Beasts? Cursed Child? Or anything movie related?
  • What kind of precautions does he take to protect his collection?
  • Is he aware of other Potter collectors? How does his collection stack up?
  • Fans should be on the lookout for #HarryPotterCollector Day on March 5
  • Voicemails ask about post-Potter film roles, a little Scabbers foreshadowing, and bad Harry Potter TV show ideas.
  • Chicken Soup from Mexico City
  • Quizzitch: What is the core of Fleur Delacour’s wand, and the story surrounding it?

Download now (1:06:22, 39.8 MB)

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  1. I am so impressed with Kenneth’s dedication. I am almost compelled to send him my books to help him get to 1000.

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