Episode #355: Fudged

  • Eric is back!
  • News covers John Williams, Cursed Child, Digital Illustrated Editions and Allison Sudol
  • A new segment called The Pensieve debuts, as we look back at parts of the Potter series now that we’re older!
  • Our first discussion centers around Cornelius Fudge and his denial of Voldemort’s return
  • Fudge refuses to believe credible sources such as Dumbledore and Harry
  • Comparisons are made to present-day politics
  • For more discussion on Potter Politics, be sure to check out Episode 162
  • Main Discussion: How many editions of the Potter series is too many?
  • The hosts share how many versions of each book they currently own
  • Patrons weigh in with their thoughts, including one listener who has more than 200 copies!
  • Owl Post covers Ebbingdales, Jacob in Paris and a new Quidditch film series
  • We have a big Patreon announcement and share plans for 2018
  • Quizzitch: What famous Quidditch player died after encountering a Chimera, and has a wing in St. Mungo’s Hospital named after him? Bonus: What’s the specialty of the wing?
  • We’ll see you in two weeks!

Download now (1:20:01, 48 MB)

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