Episode #431: The Questions Fans Had After ‘Goblet of Fire’

  • Welcome Slug Club member Stephanie! She has a newborn baby, so we challenge her to sort little Eleanor into a Hogwarts House.
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  • If you’ve waited in line at Universal Orlando for Hagrid’s and missed the pre-show video, watch it here!
  • In anticipation of our Order of the Phoenix chapter-by-chapter analysis we take a time turner back to the early 2000s to discuss the years before the fifth Harry Potter book.
  • Work on the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Illustrated Edition is already underway!
  • The wait between Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix was three years (the longest gap!), and it was a critical period for the fandom.
  • How did the Harry Potter fan community soar during this time?
  • When did we all start discovering Harry Potter fansites?
  • What were the biggest questions heading into Order of the Phoenix?
  • Who was going to die in the fifth book? What did Priori Incantatem truly mean? What was next for Harry, Ron and Hermione?
  • To help us out a bit, we revisited MuggleNet’s Facts About Book Five!
  • What were the hosts initial thoughts of the Order of the Phoenix cover art?
  • Release party reminiscing: where were we all for the release of the fifth book?
  • Quizzitch: where did Harry get the name Hedwig?
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