Episode 48: Dumbledore’s Bladder

  • The Micahscope.
  • We’re getting down and dirty with Podcast Alley votes this week.
  • Save Gas Money! gasmoney@staff.mugglenet.com
  • Listener Rebuttals cover the Mirror of Erised and Snape.
  • This week we discuss the Room of Requirement.
  • How DOES it really work? You can’t make something out of nothing.
  • Perhaps the room has to have the item you require in stock.
  • Is there any way to empty it out?
  • Using it to hide Horcruxes?
  • What are its limitations?
  • Do the effects of the room only last while you’re inside?
  • Don’t trust something if you can’t see where it keeps its brain!
  • One listener gets in an accident while listening to the show.
  • In unrelated news, we premiere our new car giveaway!
  • Favorites: End Battle Scene.
  • …it kinda tangents off onto Michael Gambon playing Dumbledore in the final scenes of OOTP.
  • This Week in Potter: the release date of Half-Blood Prince.
  • Jamie tells a bold face lie to the BBC.
  • Could Ron and Hermione’s actions in the final scenes of the first book foreshadow HP7?
  • Another Horcrux theory from a listener.
  • The effects a person can have on their spells.

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