Episode #480: The Best Professors at Hogwarts

  • This week, to celebrate a new term on September 1, we’re rating every professor of Hogwarts School!
  • How do the DADA professors measure up with one another on quality and on difficulty? We offer individual grades to help us compare them all.
  • How about Potions? Is Slughorn a higher quality instructor than Snape?
  • We all have high marks for McGonagall, but what about Dumbledore, who we saw teach in Fantastic Beasts?
  • We set a Seer against a Centaur and wrap up with Charms, Herbology, and History of Magic.
  • Finally, a shout-out to the non-professor teachers of Harry, like Arthur Weasley.
  • We confirm our suspicions with MuggleCast’s listener poll results
  • Quizzitch: How many Podcast Awards has MuggleCast received?
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