Episode #483: Fantasy Casting the Harry Potter TV Series, ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Announced

  • Andrew’s prophecy comes true… almost!
  • Hogwarts Legacy is coming to a video game console near you in 2021!
  • What are our initial reactions to the trailer for this open-world video game?
  • We offer some suggestions on what fans can do who are hesitant about purchasing this game.
  • Muggle Mail covers The Pizza Wizard, The Lost Day, Neville, Sirius, a Harry Potter television station and more!
  • Main Discussion: Fantasy Casting The Harry Potter Television Series
  • Peeves, Professor Binns, Ludo Bagman, Augusta Longbottom and The Gaunts: we cast the characters from the books that never made it on screen!
  • Who would play the Founders? Would James Cosmo or Paul Giamatti make a better Gryffindor? Would you cast Viola Davis or Indira Varma for Ravenclaw? John Malkovich as Slytherin? Rebel Wilson as Hufflepuff?
  • In recasting the trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione, can the Potter series catch lightning in a bottle twice?
  • Who did the hosts recast in the roles of Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall and Voldemort?
  • How would Patton Oswalt fair as Rubeus Hagrid? Tom Ellis as Sirius Black?
  • For Quizzitch: Which famous British actor put in two weeks notice and quit a role they had been cast in for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?
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