Episode #484: Fictional Orphans and Their Purpose in ‘Harry Potter’

  • Welcome Slug Club member Shyam! He, too, has gotten a letter from the author!
  • MuggleMail includes MORE casting of gingers, Sorting Hats, Slytherins and Aussies.
  • Could the eventual Potter TV show be on network television, rather than a streaming app?
  • Our main discussion this week is about orphans in literature! Why are there so many, and how are they alike?
  • Are there benefits for authors wanting to start a hero off with a blank slate that makes orphaning them appealing?
  • How does Harry’s orphan status affect him? What would change if Lily and James survived?
  • What about Voldemort? He, too, is an orphan, but he and Harry are so different, or are they?
  • We examine some other notable orphans: Batman, Superman, Anna and Elsa from Frozen, James Bond and even Jane Eyre!
  • For Quizzitch: Who invented the spell Muffliato??
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