Episode #490: Why Johnny Depp Left ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ and Who Should Play Grindelwald Now

  • Thanksgiving is all about family; join us for a Weasley Family-themed Quizzitch Live on Sunday, November 22nd!
  • Breaking News: Johnny Depp is OUT as Grindelwald! Warner Bros reportedly asked Johnny to leave the role.
  • Andrew breaks down what happened and details a chain of events.
  • Why is this happening now, and why didn’t it happen sooner?
  • WB gave him the professional courtesy of stepping down with dignity, but was Johnny Depp actually fired?
  • Is Fantastic Beasts a doomed series? Is it a sinking ship of controversy? Is it cursed?
  • Hosts read listener-submitted casting suggestions for a new Grindelwald, and we present our own suggestions!
  • Would Colin Farrell come back as Graves/Grindelwald, and would that make sense?
  • Will Grindelwald’s appearance be worked into the plot of future films? And will this still be 5-part series?
  • Guess That Book returns! Can the hosts correctly guess what Harry Potter book that four out-of-context audio clips are from?
  • Quizzitch: Actor Jamie Campbell Bower starred alongside Johnny Depp in what film before FB2?
  • Chicken Soup For The MuggleCast Soul
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