Episode #507: Bradley Bakes is Creating Every Food and Drink Item in the Harry Potter Books

  • This week, we’re joined by Bradley Bakes, a YouTuber in the United Kingdom who’s currently baking his way through the entire Harry Potter book series!
  • Bradley shares why he started creating every food and drink item mentioned in the Harry Potter books
  • 64 recipes for Sorcerer’s Stone, 54 recipes for Chamber of Secrets – what’s next on the menu?
  • Golden Snitch Lemon Meringue Pie… Whomping Willow Chocolate Cabbage Cake… Bradley puts a twist on some notable Potter items!
  • Bradley shares a few simple recipes the listeners (and hosts) can try at home and the most challenging food for him to make
  • How long does each recipe take from start to finish? What’s it like to shop for all of these delicious items?
  • Which item in the upcoming books is Bradley most looking forward to making?
  • MuggleCast gets its very own recipe!
  • Fans have no excuses for their next Harry Potter party! Be sure to check Bradley out on YouTube, Instagram and his blog!
  • Snog, Marry, Avada Kedavra returns!
  • Can the hosts name the Top 50 Most Mentioned Characters in the Harry Potter series without naming those outside the Top 50? You give a try!
  • Quizzitch: The night Norbert is born, Hagrid makes the trio tea and offers them which food that they refuse? Visit MuggleCast.com/Quizzitch to submit your answer!
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