Episode #506: Shipping Harry and Tom Riddle, More Security Nightmares, and Other MuggleMail

  • We asked our listeners, following last week’s discussion, what fan films they would like to see made.
  • From Arthur and Molly’s courtship, to Regulus’ thwarting of Voldemort, the hosts discuss what the best plots yet to be seen could look like.
  • Since Ilvermorny has been more or less forgotten about by the author, should fans take it back / make it their own?
  • This week’s episode is all MuggleMail!
  • Theories on how Ron inherited Charlie’s wand, and similarities between Hogwarts and boarding school arrive in hushed tones in new voicemails from our listeners.
  • We’ve received a litany of responses to our Security Nightmare series, agreeing that Hagrid, the Floo Network, the troll, and the Chamber of Secrets all prove Hogwarts is not safe.
  • We hear from a listener who homeschools her kid and loves sharing Harry Potter as a proud parent.
  • MuggleMail covers other topics such as: Could Harry and a Young Tom Riddle be romantically involved? Could Mrs. Norris be a secret Animagus? And how one listener feels about the women of Harry Potter.
  • We answer a vintage email from August 2007! Where is 13-year-old Blake now?
  • Quizzitch: What secret does the Grey Lady say Rowena Ravenclaw kept from the other founders? Visit MuggleCast.com/Quizzitch to submit your answer!
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