Episode 52: O’MuggleCasters

  • MuggleNet staffer Claire joins us as a co-host.
  • Any takers on a MuggleCast dating service?
  • New T-shirts are on the way! “Squares” and “MicBolt” are almost out of stock.
  • They’re going in the Disney vault forever!
  • US writing a book? Pure blasphemy!
  • Main Discussion: Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  • What happened to all its teachers prior to SS?
  • Was there more to Lupin leaving the position?
  • Snape as the DADA teacher.
  • Who will teach it in HP7?
  • Lots and lots of voicemails.
  • New Dumbledore/Norris facts.
  • “Huh?!” E-mail of the Week.

Download Now Running time: 52:37, 18.4 MB