Episode 55: Libraries For All

  • Two-Way Mirror Listener Rebuttals.
  • A mai- discussion for you this week!
  • Does the magical abilities of Dumbledore and Voldemort differ from the rest of the wizarding community?
  • Crackpot Theory of the Week.
  • Eric’s useless! He fails at life! He calls himself a fan?!
  • Another Editorial Discussion with Brandon Ford.
  • Laura, Micah, and Brandon discuss what Wormtail could be up to, Dumbledore’s death, and more.
  • A new segment titled “What’s Buggin’ Micah?” shows a new side of our news man.
  • More Dumbledore/Norris facts.
  • The return of Gimme a Butterbeer.
  • HUH?! Comment of the Week.
  • One long blooper where Ben goes through Moundridge High to see what his fellow classmates think of Potter.

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