Episode #554: Analyzing Newt Through His Relationships with Theseus, Leta, Tina, Dumbledore

On this week’s episode, our Fantastic Beasts character discussions return to focus on the one-and-only Newt Scamander. With about a month to go before the release of Secrets of Dumbledore, we analyze all of Newt’s relationships from the last film and debate what the future holds for our favorite magizoologist. Plus, its Newt’s birthday, so just will the hosts gift him? A niffler fanny pack may be in his future!

  • Welcome to our social media manager, Chloe!
  • The cover of the Order of the Phoenix Illustrated Edition has been revealed!
  • Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Newt Scamander
  • We last talked about Newt back on Episode 326 with Evanna Lynch!
  • Horoscope Check: Newt is the perfect Pisces!
  • The hosts break down Newt’s relationships in Crimes of Grindelwald
  • What exactly is the dynamic between the brothers Scamander?
  • Does Newt still love Leta?
  • Why does Dumbledore trust Newt so much?
  • Are there more comparisons between Newt and Snape than meet the eye?
  • The Newt and Jacob BROMANCE continues!
  • Did the writers do the Newt & Tina relationship an injustice?
  • What does the future hold for Newt in Secrets of Dumbledore?
  • Given we recorded on Newt’s birthday, the hosts share what presents they would get him.
  • Quizzitch: What is Yusuf Kama’s mother’s name?  Submit your answer!
  • On Bonus MuggleCast (available on our Patreon), we discuss the recently revealed Alternative Titles for Crimes of Grindelwald. Yes, Fantastic Beasts: The Statute of Secrecy was an option…
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