Episode #326: Newt, with Evanna Lynch

– Evanna Lynch joins the show!
– See Evanna on London’s West End in “Disco Pigs”
– She gives her thoughts on The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts
– So… how is J.K. Rowling doing?
– Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Newton Artemis Fido Scamander
– Eric talks about what it means to have a Hufflepuff take centerstage
– Newt’s strong connection to creatures; what are his ethics towards them?- Newt and Leta: we explore the very little of what’s known of their relationship
– What makes Dumbledore so fond of Newt? Does it have to do with Arianna?
– Did Newt give Fawkes to Dumbledore? Aragog to Hagrid?
– How will Newt bring down Grindelwald a second time with beasts? Are they a vulnerability?
– Make The Connection returns!
– We’ll be at MuggleNet Live! on September 1 in Orlando!

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    1. I think the “trolls in tutus” picture is the one at the entrance to the Room of Requirement… it’s of Barnabas the Barmy trying to teach the trolls ballet dancing.

  1. A little supplement to the breakdown of Newt’s name:

    Salamanders in the real world are lizard-like amphibians. Newts are types of salamanders that live mostly semi-aquatic or aquatic. Alchemists believed that elemental spirits lived within the four elements (air, earth, fire, and water) and they named the fire spirits salamanders, because in the Middle Ages it was believed that actual salamanders were impervious to fire. There’s even a real world fire salamander, but the name derives from the vivid yellow/orange and black pattern of its skin.

    Additionally, the name Scamander itself is also from Greek mythology: the city of Troy lies on the river Skamandros which, like all rivers, has its own, eponymous deity. He sided with the Trojans against the Greeks and, during one of the battles of the Trojan War, attacked Achilles.

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