Episode #326: Newt, with Evanna Lynch

– Evanna Lynch joins the show!
– See Evanna on London’s West End in “Disco Pigs”
– She gives her thoughts on The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts
– So… how is J.K. Rowling doing?
– Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Newton Artemis Fido Scamander
– Eric talks about what it means to have a Hufflepuff take centerstage
– Newt’s strong connection to creatures; what are his ethics towards them?- Newt and Leta: we explore the very little of what’s known of their relationship
– What makes Dumbledore so fond of Newt? Does it have to do with Arianna?
– Did Newt give Fawkes to Dumbledore? Aragog to Hagrid?
– How will Newt bring down Grindelwald a second time with beasts? Are they a vulnerability?
– Make The Connection returns!
– We’ll be at MuggleNet Live! on September 1 in Orlando!

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