Episode #581: What if Petunia had been accepted to Hogwarts? And more MuggleMail

On this week’s episode, we’re busting open our MuggleMail bag as listeners send in owls about the first several chapters of Sorcerer’s Stone! We entertain a few What Ifs about Petunia and Dudley and get some enlightening perspectives on Narcissa and Lupin!

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  • We’re opening up our Chapter-by-Chapter MuggleMail bag!
  • Why was Hagrid sent for Harry?
  • How big is the student body at Hogwarts?
  • What happened to both sets of Harry’s grandparents?
  • How did Dudley’s pigtail finally get removed?
  • Did Harry’s Horcrux impact the Dursley’s treatment of him?
  • What if… Petunia had magical ability and had been accepted at Hogwarts?
  • What if… Dudley was a wizard? Would Vernon have disowned him?
  • Could House-Elves be responsible for sending the Hogwarts letters?
  • Other MuggleMail covers Leta Lestrange, The Elder Wand, Narcissa Malfoy and Remus Lupin
  • Should Dumbledore have been sorted into Slytherin?
  • Why wasn’t Dobby asked to be in The Order?
  • Quizzitch: In one of their very first History of Magic classes, which two famous wizards do the students in Harry’s class get mixed up?
  • On next week’s episode: Chapters 9 & 10 of Sorcerer’s Stone: The Midnight Duel and Halloween
  • In this week’s Bonus MuggleCast available exclusively to Patrons, we discuss excerpts from Alan Rickman’s recently released diary, Truly Madly!
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