Episode #582: Have a Broomstick, Potter (Sorcerer’s Stone, Chapters 9 – 10)

There are certain things you can’t do without becoming best friends, and podcasting about Harry Potter together is one of them! Chapter-by-Chapter returns with analysis of Sorcerer’s Stone’s “The Midnight Duel” and “Halloween”! Our trio of heroes get goaded by Malfoy into a trap, and then accidentally lock a troll in a bathroom. Harry also finds the one thing that he is naturally good at.

  • News: Jim Kay has announced he will be stepping down from making the illustrated edition Potter books. We thank him for his work.
  • Main Discussion #1: Sorcerer’s Stone, Chapter 9: The Midnight Duel
  • 7-Word Summary: Draco challenges Harry to a Midnight Fakeout
  • After Neville’s injury, the students leap to his defense. Have the hosts had similar moments at school, or were we all too scared to speak up?
  • In what is clearly another security nightmare, Madame Hooch abandons her class of 11-year-olds who 5 minutes ago were handed a very fast and dangerous broomstick for each of them. No wonder something bad happens next!
  • Laura asks what (specifically) makes Harry a natural at flying? Maybe abuse from Dudley made his reflexes better?
  • How blatant is what McGonagall does ‘favoritism’ toward Gryffindor House, and why does the First Years rule exist to begin with?
  • After narrowly avoiding trouble during the day, Harry and Ron immediately go wandering the castle at night. Shouldn’t they be more careful?
  • Should Harry have known that Malfoy was planning a trap? How does Malfoy have an inside line to Filch?
  • Did NOBODY walk Neville home from the hospital wing to make sure he could get in the Common Room?
  • Fluffy’s origins and comments on the movie adaptation are covered in ‘Odds and Ends’
  • Main Discussion #2: Sorcerer’s Stone, Chapter 10: Halloween
  • 7-Word Summary: Dinner is interrupted by a massive disturbance
  • Major things almost always happen to Harry on Halloween. Micah recounts some of the big ones.
  • Are Ron’s choice of words against Hermione a bit too much?
  • It is Hermione’s pronunciation advice which helps Ron successfully tackle the troll!
  • Have any of the hosts befriended people they were not expecting to like?
  • Examining Hermione’s motivations to lie, the act which solidifies her friendship with Harry and Ron.
  • HOW is it that Quirrell is not caught or at least hugely suspected for letting in the troll? Should Voldemort have used someone else instead?
  • The students of Hogwarts do not seem to dress up for Halloween, but if they DID, Andrew has ideas as to what they would be.
  • Harry and the Golden Snitch meet for the first time. Our hearts are all aflutter
  • If McGonagall had not discovered Harry’s talent during the first flying lesson, when would there be another chance?
  • Next Week: Chapter-By-Chapter for Sorcerer’s Stone, Chapters 11 and 12!
  • Quizzitch: In Chapter 9 of Book 1, Which secret passage out of Hogwarts do the Weasley Twins suspect Lee Jordan has found?
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