Episode #623: Double Double-Crosser (POA Chapter 19, The Servant of Lord Voldemort)

The rat is revealed! We finally understand the events of this school year at Hogwarts as well as how Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban prison. Join Andrew, Eric, Micah and Laura as they discuss Chapter 19 of Book 3, including asking whether Crookshanks should be punished for stealing the password sheet and whether Sirius was selfish for not being the Potter’s Secret-Keeper.

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  • Main Discussion: Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 19: The Servant of Lord Voldemort
  • 7-Word Summary: Pettigrew begs Harry for forgiveness for murder
  • Snape enters in full Prosecute Mode! Why can he not be swayed to consider alternate views?
  • Do the Marauders know more than they indicate about Snape’s feelings toward Lily?
  • Would Snape have used an Unforgivable Curse in this moment? Would it have worked?
  • What If? the Trio did not knock out Snape? How would events have unfolded differently?
  • Micah has a theory on what Pettigrew’s missing toe might signify.
  • Should Crookshanks see punishment for stealing the Gryffindor password sheet for Sirius?
  • Was Sirius selfish to push the Secret Keeping on to Peter? The hosts discuss.
  • The real reason Pettigrew was in hiding is revealed and there’s an unexpected connection to Book 6
  • Are the others Marauders to blame for Peter’s poor choices?
  • Harry comes into his own, and sparing Peter will have repercussions in Book 7…
  • Quizzitch:  Who leads the group first out of the Shrieking Shack?
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