Episode #663: Karkaroff the Canary (GOF Chapter 30, The Pensieve)

This week, we’re diving headfirst into Dumbledore’s memories that he definitely didn’t leave accessible on purpose. So get ready to stand trial with Andrew, Micah, Laura and Morgan as we try to piece it all together before The Third Task begins!

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  • Welcome, Slug Club guest Morgan of That Nerd Thing podcast!
  • News: Dan Radcliffe wins his first Tony Award
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Goblet of Fire, Chapter 30: The Pensieve
  • 7-Word Summary: Dumbledore craftily leaves exposed memories inside basin
  • Main Discussion #1: The Trials & The Pensieve
  • Dumbledore intentionally left the Pensieve cabinet door open for Harry, right?
  • Why are there constant references to Dumbledore looking old?
  • YUCK! It’s our first taste of the wizarding world justice system!
  • Karkaroff the Canary: the hosts react to Snape’s Death Eater reveal!
  • Ludo’s celebrity status bends the rules of justice! Can we make any real world compairsons? Should there have been any consequences for his actions?
  • Hi, Bellatrix! 😉
  • How was it determined that Barty Crouch Jr. actually took part in the torture of the Longbottoms? Could it be guilt by association?
  • Looking at the memories all together, where is Dumbledore’s mind right now?
  • Main Discussion #2: Dream Recap
  • While still baffled by what’s happening at Hogwarts, Dumbledore is starting to put the pieces of Horcruxgate together!
  • What does Dumbledore make of both Frank Bryce and Bertha Jorkins disappearing?
  •  Why is Barty Crouch Sr. vanishing at Hogwarts not a huge red flag?
  • The truth about Neville’s parents is revealed!
  • Quizzitch: Which Weasley family members are not present for the Third Task? (you must list them all)
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