Episode 99: Live From Enlightening 2007

  • MuggleCast is live from Enlightening 2007 in Philly!
  • Ben’s attempt to meet Emma at the OOTP after party.
  • More stories from the premieres.
  • An interview with the Moaning Myrtles.
  • Order of the Phoenix discussion.
  • Is Michael Gambon the right Dumbledore for the job?
  • Is the IMAX movie experience worth it?
  • Our favorite lines from the film.
  • Make the Connection: LIVE!
  • Spy on Spartz: LIVE!
  • Theory Defense: Harry and Ginny together, Should Hogwarts reopen?
  • Several audience members ask us questions about the books and ourselves.

Download Now Running time: 1:45:03, 72.2 MB