LeakyMug #1 (Episode X)

On our August 26, 2005 edition of MuggleCast…

We clear up the mis-happenings that occurred in iTunes and reveal MuggleNet and TLC’s biggest
secret: we don’t hate each other! Listen as the two podcasts unite for a tell-all show.

  • We confess: MN and TLC don’t hate each other!
  • iTunes had removed us because of possible copyright infringement, but in the end we had none
  • Ben informs the world of what Emerson is doing at the moment
  • Kevin reminds everyone that we do know Emerson– it was a joke in EP3
  • Melissa says she’s closing Leaky after movie seven! But wait…she’s kidding!
  • Andrew calls Steve Jobs out to fix the iTunes glitches
  • …and he also plugs EmersonSpartz.net
  • We talk GOF premiere information. Andrew thinks he has the scoop!
  • Ben announces his NYC premiere plans
  • Melissa denies her involvement in the Mafia, but Jamie Waylett insists on it
  • Kevin keeps an eye on the Notre Dame grounds to watch for Emerson

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Running time: 20:08, 23.10 MB