LeakyMug #5

On our November 23rd, 2005 edition of The Leaky Mug…

  • The mug is leaking!
  • Melissa comes in a bit late but brings in some special guests
  • Jamie Waylett sings the Leaky/MuggleNet rap
  • Matthew Lewis lays out his shipping couples
  • We make another big announcement: another live podcast!
  • The hosts of MuggleCast and PotterCast are hitting Las Vegas for THE live podcast event of 2006
  • Our show will be held at the Lumos 2006 Symposium, July 27th-30th
  • Melissa explains the ugly side of podcasting fame
  • Ben insists we’re not famous
  • We reminisce over our NYC memories
  • Note to world: Melissa is an experienced Manhattan driver
  • Yo! Yeah! Alright! Yo!

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Running time: 51:02, 23.7 MB