Episode 17

On our November 27th, 2005 edition of MuggleCast…

What kind of video game should the HP fan-base get? Do Harry Potter movies make you feel all fuzzy inside? What about Barty Crouch, Jr., he’s not all that bad, is he? Join Andrew, Ben, Kevin, Eric and Melissa Anelli (from PotterCast) as they tackle a few remaining topics before MuggleCast resumes its weekly character discussion – with voicemails, too!

  • Special guest Melissa from “Pottah-Cast”
  • Leaky has a new address: b-e-n-s-c-h-o-e-n.com
  • New Section: Ben’s Weekly Top Ten List
  • Adverts, adverts, adverts…
  • Transcription humans or transcription elves?
  • MuggleCast’s official fanlisting, MuggleCastFan.Net! Or, something…
  • Santa Claus, y’all
  • Goblet of Fire Video Game: It’s okay… and three-player co-op!
  • Sorcerer’s Stone sales at stake? Hypocrisy in Harry Potter?
  • The “Fuzz Effect”
  • Politics on MuggleCast!
  • An underlying theme in Harry Potter: Barty Crouch Jr. is… good?
  • Voicemails; Can Voldemort produce a Patronus?
  • George Lucas working on a future HP Film? Future role for Snape’s Potions book?
  • Harry Potter DOES bathe
  • Do the movies change readers’ perception of the book characters/scenes?
  • Emma Watson: too pretty for Hermione? Hollywood’s secret agenda!
  • Is eternal glory worth 1,000 Galleons?
  • Missing sub-plots
  • The Hospital Scene with Neville – Matt Lewis’s Professionalism
  • That wraps things up for Potterca… wait… no…
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  • Next week’s character discussion: Molly Weasley

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