Episode 107: Celebration

  • We’re back to our regular in-studio recordings and celebrating!
  • MuggleNet staff member Jerry Cooke joins the panel.
  • He’s our English-accented co-host this week.
  • Andrew auditions for the Harry Potter musical.
  • The co-hosts are very supportive of this new venture.
  • Micah and Jerry give their thoughts on Deathly Hallows.
  • We take several e-mails from listeners who ask their burning questions about the book.
  • Bellatrix is dead, right?
  • Expelliarmus and Harry.
  • Did we feel betrayed when Harry ditched the Horcruxes for the Hallows?
  • Should the Hogwarts houses be disbanded in the wake of the wizarding war?
  • Was Scrimgeour’s last act really intended to protect Harry?
  • Dueling Club, Listener Challenge, and even Chicken Soup returns.

Download Now Running time: 1:34:47, 43.4 MB