Episode #664: Where’s the Skrewt Flute? (GOF Chapter 31, The Third Task)

Get ready for an A-MAZE-ING episode as we take on the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament! Join Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah as they discuss Chapter 31 of Goblet of Fire, “The Third Task.”

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  • News: the Harry Potter TV show has found its showrunner and director
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Goblet of Fire, Chapter 30: The Pensieve
  • 7-Word Summary: Riddles guard the misleading way to victory
  • Main Discussion #1: Family Matters
  • Hermione, Ron and Harry are all becoming quite adept at useful spells. They’re such good friends!
  • Rita Skeeter’s awful latest article is setting up the exact tone that the Ministry uses next year to discredit Harry Potter.
  • Could Fudge have ushered along the publication of Rita’s hit piece on Harry, in retaliation for embarrassing him in the previous chapter?
  • How can Molly Weasley tell Amos Diggory he’s overreacting, only to then go and treat Hermione poorly for Rita’s earlier article?
  • What If?: The Dursleys actually did show up at Hogwarts for Harry’s Third Task?
  • Main Discussion #2: The Maze
  • Are there a sufficient amount of obstacles in The Maze for the champions to face? Is Mad-Eye Fakey removing some of them to make Harry’s job easier?
  • Harry’s performance during the Third Task underscores how much he cares about other people.
  • We examine each of the creatures and puzzles Harry faces in the maze.
  • Micah, as a throwback to his own former section on MuggleNet, gets really into the origins of the sphinx.
  • Could the sphinx’s riddle actually be pertaining to Snape?
  • is Harry’s latest casting of Expelliarmus his most egregious yet?
  • Would Fakey have allowed Cedric to take the cup on his own?
  • Odds and Ends cover a future romance for Bill Weasley, as well as one in his past…?!
  • Quizzitch: What are Voldemort’s first words after he climbs out of the cauldron, fully grown?
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