Episode 124: Co-workers at Play

  • Amazon.com revealed as winning bidder for The Tales of Beedle The Bard.
  • We announce a big change coming to our show.
  • Order of the Phoenix DVD discussion.
  • Andrew has pixilation problems.
  • Were the deleted scenes really that good?
  • Trailing Tonks one of the best special features.
  • Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter: was it necessary?
  • We read some Muggle Mail from last week’s show.
  • Chapter-by-Chapter: The Seven Potters.
  • Ties to previous books: Polyjuice Potion and the Motorcycle.
  • Hedwig’s death sets an early tone to the novel.
  • Was Expelliarmus the weakest explanation for the Death Eaters recognizing Harry?
  • The mysterious wand reaction that saved Harry’s life.
  • Chicken Soup Finals Edition.

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