Episode 210: Reaching Floo Heights

  • DH poster analysis: Why the hell is Ron by a power plant?
  • Part 2 casting, Rowling on Oprah, Alexandre Desplat and Wizarding World expansion
  • Chapter-by-Chapter: Goblet of Fire Chapters 10-12
  • We’re introduced to the name Rita Skeeter and the character of Mad-Eye Moody
  • Percy’s early loyalty to the Ministry and Hermione’s passion for S.P.E.W. are evident
  • Why does Mrs. Weasley constantly make Ron an easy target?
  • We know what Muggles see if they happen to pass Hogwarts, but if what if they tried to enter?
  • We learn of Lucius Malfoy’s connection to Igor Karkaroff
  • Why endanger first-years on an overflowing lake?
  • Do ghosts change clothes? Eric is intrigued.
  • Does Hermione overreact to the idea that House-Elves work at Hogwarts?
  • Eric recounts the real story of Natalie MacDonald
  • Does Hogwarts and the Ministry use the Triwizard Tournament to overshadow last year’s incident with Sirius Black?
  • Favorites returns: New actor/actress in Deathly Hallows, Part 1
  • Chicken Soup

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