Episode 255: Five Years

  • It has been five years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published and we reminisce.
  • Where does the Harry Potter fandom stand today?
  • The Casual Vacancy cover is it good?
  • Hypable spoofs The Casual Vacancy cover to create Harry Potter spin offs.
  • We review the first four chapters of Chamber of Secrets on Pottermore. What are our favorite features?
  • We discuss what elements of Chamber of Secrets we hope to see in Pottermore in upcoming chapters.
  • E-mails address last episode’s hot topics and more.
  • Would we be house sorted differently at ages 11 VS a much older age?
  • A Chicken Soup.
  • Our Transcripts section is now 100% up to date. Thank you to our amazing team!
  • Podcast plugs: Alohamora, The Rotoscopers, and Andrew’s general entertainment podcast HYPE.

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Episode 254: Bulldozing Vampires

  • The Wizarding World is heading to Japan. Where could it go next?
  • J.K. Rowling takes another stand on the Encyclopedia.
  • Sony and Rowling announce Book of Spells.
  • We share our concerns over new Potter material being release this way.
  • Selina sees our negativity and points out the positives.
  • Harry Potter wins all the awards at the MTV Movie Awards.
  • We’ll be at Ascendio and LeakyCon!
  • Twitter Question of the Week: Will Rowling ever release an Encyclopedia?
  • MuggleMail: McGonagall’s backstory, hatstalls, Draco’s parents, JKR pulling from real world history, and more.

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Episode 253: Dursleys and McGonagall Revealed

  • Pottermore CEO says new books headed our way shortly
  • The Wizard’s Collection continuing to cause controversy
  • MTV Movie Awards: how will the Potter series fair?
  • Pottermore segments: The Dursleys and Professor McGonagall
  • Do our opinions of Vernon and Petunia change?
  • What about James?
  • How could Petunia go from wanting to be a witch to being interested in someone like Vernon?
  • Rowling explains why Harry was taken to the hut on the rock
  • McGonagall: her family, schooling, work and love life examined
  • We give our reasons for what makes Minerva a “badass”
  • A closer look at McGonagall’s relationships with Dumbledore, Flitwick and Sprout
  • We read your thoughts on the Dursley and McGonagall

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Episode 252: Hufflepuff’s Hobbit Hole

  • J.K. Rowling announces The Casual Vacancy.
  • Will the Harry Potter fandom morph into the J.K. Rowling fandom because of her upcoming book?
  • What can we gather from The Casual Vacancy synopsis? Title?
  • We analyze Parish Counsels yep, we’re already going in depth on the book.
  • J.K. Rowling speaks about the Harry Potter Encyclopedia in a way she hasn’t before is it news?
  • Pottermore finally opens to the public, but lacks the “grand opening” excitement it once had.
  • We discuss two new aspects written by JKR: Ghost Plots and the Hufflepuff Common Room.
  • Jo continues to unintentionally put down Hufflepuffs.
  • Will The Casual Vacancy grow J.K. Rowling’s reader base?
  • Will adult readers decide to start reading Harry Potter after The Casual Vacancy?
  • Plus for our other podcasts: Game of Owns, Hunger Games Chat, and more.

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Episode 251: Something’s In The Water

  • MuggleNet’s Keith Hawk joins us to talk about his time at the Studio Tour!
  • The best sets, the prices, the atmosphere, and much more are discussed.
  • How does the Butterbeer compare to the drink found in the park in Orlando?
  • Is it worth a trip from the United States?
  • What should be added to the tour in the future?
  • Pottermore is opening soon. We review the eBook store.
  • David Yates talks cutting Dumbledore’s funeral from Half-Blood Prince. SHOULD it have been cut?
  • Harry Potter Wizards Collection features are announced.
  • The MuggleNet guys talk about their April Fools prank.
  • We’ll be at LeakyCon 2012 AND Ascendio 2012!
  • We begin our review of the new content on Pottermore: This episode we discuss Wands.
  • What are each of our wand types? How does Jo come up with all these details for so many wands?

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Episode 250: J.K. Rowling’s New Testament

  • Ben and Laura join Andrew, Micah, and Eric for our 250th episode!
  • J.K. Rowling has announced that she’ll be releasing a new book later this year.
  • What do we think the genre will be? We look at the clues.
  • NewBookCon, NewBook Theme Park, and NewBookCast area already in the works.
  • Laura, living in Costa Rica, learns of Jo’s new book via Toucan.
  • A book on 16th Century Basket making could be sold by Jo, says Eric.
  • Pottermore is shutting down and will be replaced by NewBookMore.
  • Bloomsbury will publish illustrated versions of the seven books. Silly? Smart? Could they reveal new information?
  • Harry Potter wins no Academy Awards ever. We discuss if it even matters, and why this happened.
  • Harry, Voldemort, Dumbledore, and Snape chime in on the issue as well.
  • Harry Potter Wizards Collection has been announced. Is it worth the enormous price tag?
  • E-mails address Slughorn and Felix Felicis, muggle objects not working at Hogwarts, and more.
  • In Chicken Soup, a listener shows us his true commitment to the show!

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Episode 249: Unfollowed

  • Mikey B. returns to the show!
  • Dan Radcliffe has been on a tear lately with interesting comments about Potter, his personal life, and more.
  • Harry Potter VS Twilight according to Dan.
  • Does he really want to be Harry Potter again?
  • Could we notice the Half-Blood Prince scenes he was, in his words, “dark in the eyes”?
  • Emma Watson may be joining a horror film, and she’s also lined up a project with Yates.
  • Favorites: Person you’d like to play in a Potter film.
  • Main discussion: Harry Potter and the Oscars.
  • We start off the talk with an e-mail from a reader who thoughtfully explains why it won’t win.
  • What do we feel Potter actually deserved?
  • Why no noms in the main categories?
  • E-mails address Hogsmeade and the Two-Way Mirror.
  • Check out our sister podcast Glee Chat! And coming soon: a Game of Thrones podcast!

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Episode 248: Lucky Seven

  • Awards season is in full swing
  • Micah makes a bold prediction for Alan Rickman
  • Should JKR win the Nobel Prize in Literature?
  • Favorites: Future Potter story
  • Make the Music Connection
  • We empty our mailbag from 2011
  • What’s up with the snow in Hogsmeade?
  • What happened to Harry’s grandparents?
  • A few corrections from our DH PT 2 commentary
  • Who is headmaster at Hogwarts 19 years later?
  • Where’s Fluffy?
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul

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Episode 247: For Real This Time

  • The end of the year can only mean one thing: MuggleCast’s Year in Review show!
  • We discuss the final news stories of 2011, and recap the seven BIGGEST stories of the year.
  • We host the 4th Annual MuggleCasties Awards.
  • MuggleCast listeners vote in numerous categories pertaining to Potter topics over the past year.
  • WHO could win the 4th annual J.K. Rowling award? Could it be Ben Schoen?
  • We look at what’s to come in 2012 for Potter fans.

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