Episode 240: Join The Weasleys

  • The ‘Deathly Hallows – Part 2’ DVD/Blu-ray features are announced, and we dissect!
  • What are we most looking forward to, and why is the UK the last country to get it?
  • Pottermore announces changes to its beta process and delays the launch of the eBooks.
  • With the eBooks now missing the Holiday season, how does Sony feel?
  • Does this mean the Chamber of Secrets book will be delayed as well?
  • Chapter by Chapter returns with more Order of the Phoenix analysis!
  • Why did Arthur Weasley take Harry into the Ministry of Magic via the phone booth when he could do side-along apparition?
  • Why do Death Eaters not have someone representing them during the hearing?
  • Dumbledore makes a surprise appearance but does not talk with Harry.
  • Percy is separated from the rest of the Weasley family.
  • MuggleMail addresses another early-MuggleCast Deathly Hallows prediction and a question about a potential Deathly Hallows Part 1 AND 2 DVD.
  • We preview what’s to come on the next few episodes of MuggleCast!

Download Now Running time: 1:19:30, 38.2 MB

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