Episode 251: Something’s In The Water

  • MuggleNet’s Keith Hawk joins us to talk about his time at the Studio Tour!
  • The best sets, the prices, the atmosphere, and much more are discussed.
  • How does the Butterbeer compare to the drink found in the park in Orlando?
  • Is it worth a trip from the United States?
  • What should be added to the tour in the future?
  • Pottermore is opening soon. We review the eBook store.
  • David Yates talks cutting Dumbledore’s funeral from Half-Blood Prince. SHOULD it have been cut?
  • Harry Potter Wizards Collection features are announced.
  • The MuggleNet guys talk about their April Fools prank.
  • We’ll be at LeakyCon 2012 AND Ascendio 2012!
  • We begin our review of the new content on Pottermore: This episode we discuss Wands.
  • What are each of our wand types? How does Jo come up with all these details for so many wands?

Download Now Running time: 1:20:59, 37.1 MB

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